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 Show! With an author of the book, Rockin Pearlz Take 4!

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PostSubject: Show! With an author of the book, Rockin Pearlz Take 4!   Tue Jan 08, 2008 2:40 pm

Presenter: Welcome to the show!

Mew: Howdee! 8D


Mew: They all died.

Presenter: Oh...w-wow. Whats the new book abouyt?

Mew: A girl named Zoey, who has strange powers. She has a guardian angel called Casper, that only immortal beings can see. But, another Boy leonen loves ZOey!

Presenter: Rather crazy! Bit of a mix up.\

Mew.: *adds darkly* You hasve no idea.

Presenter: Right...and can we have a little info of the next book series, publishing to the forums soon?

Mew: The genration of Zoey is a girl in her late teens, about 18/19 or mabe 20. And she has the powers of a cat!

Presenter: Ah, so its related to Zoey's ears?

Mew: Yes, the genrations of character are always somehow related.

Presenter: Like, Kimikos genaration. What simalarities do they have?

Mew: Have you noticed, their hair is shorter on each character?

Presenter: Hm? Oh! Yes!

Mew: Kimiko had long, flowing blue hair.

Presenter: Below her waist.

Mew: And mew had normal long hair

Presenter: Ending halfway down her back.

Mew: Zoey's hair is just below her shoulders.

Presenter: AMazing!Q But whats the name f the new character?

Mew: I havent thought of one, but shes a secret female heroe. Some people may know. Its from a comic, and her persdonality is completly different!

mEW: sHE HAS GOT A HERO NAME> But im not telling

Presenter: What is her personality?

Mew: Hmm...Not telling. Only a tiny bit. The next charcter is flirty, curious and has a desire to expliore everything, have adventures.


Mew: It certinly will, but shes only coming out after Book ten of the current series.

Presenter: Ah. Well, thats it for now, Meet up here again to read more about the books!
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PostSubject: Re: Show! With an author of the book, Rockin Pearlz Take 4!   Tue Jan 22, 2008 10:10 am



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Show! With an author of the book, Rockin Pearlz Take 4!
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