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 The Secrets of Girls.

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PostSubject: Re: The Secrets of Girls.   Mon Jan 12, 2009 8:28 pm


I was dancing with this totally hott guy breaking all my moves.
Mmhmm, and Josh was green with envy!
Holding punch in one hand, clicking ym fingers with the other.
Black beads jingling around my neck, oh it was perfect!

Suddenly i hear a loud crashing noise, I spin aroudn to see George ontop of Jamie.

Wait, rewind.
Hang on.
A fight

Everyone crowded around them, whisperping sdome and shouting others."FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" They all screech jut like animads
"Jesus christ" I whisper, and gingerly jump over some boy who tried to get invloled.

"Ok! Break it up guys!!" I shout, then George accidently tipped my punch

Now if you want to get along with girls, or you are one, you would know this means death
Everyone gasps and stare at me. I hear girls giggle.
I freeze
"" I say slowly. "You didnt just do what i think you did.." I hisss menacingly.
The music rips and stops.
George backs away
"SOrry babe i didnt mean it." He says
That makes me even more anrgy.
I throw throw the punch cup, so angrily thaty it breaks as it hits the floor.
"Babe?" I hiss, then shake my head as i go up close to him
"Wanna kiss?2 I smile
"OH YES! TWO CHICKS IN ONE NIGHT!" He puts his hands i nthe air.
I slap him, then turn to walk off.
Everyone bursts out laughing, George standing there in humiliation.
Jodie stares at me, in envy.
She never gets popular, and now shes watches me be it.
I feel sorry for her, so iwalk ovwr to her to handf out with her.
"Hey Jodie!" I smile, waving.
"Whatever!" She hisses.
"...Oh..well.." Im streuggling for words. "See the fight? Jeeze, If I didnt step i nthere there would be some blood. Wait that sounds selfish. Does nthat sound selfish? Of course it does, sorry it didnt mean to come out selfish its just that i got worried if someone didnt step in, there woul-" I gabble
"Go fuck yourself." She hisses, and stomps off.
I jsut stand there, mouth open, totally confused.
"What did you jsut say?" I blink, astill shocked
"Listen, geek," She says, "Open your wax-filled ears you big twat"
I gasp
I cant believe shes sayign this to me.
"Ok, im sorry to sound aggresive but, I ginroed the fact you pushed me down the stairs. Me and my friends let you i nthe group. If dont like us, then leave us alone." I say, arms crossed
"I like them. I hatew you." She says
That drives right through me.
"Why are you being so nasty and horrible to me?!" Is hotu so loudly everyone turns to look.
"Leave her alone, Amber!" Shannon says, hugging Jodie
Jodie brusts into tears.
Oh my god.
Im burning yo inside, i feel so angry. I've never been so nagry in my life. Its so infruiating that she thinks she can get the better of me just like that,. its so..soo...soo BITCHY!
"WHAT! Yo ucant fall for that baloney! She isnt crying! Shes fakin' Thats what shes doing!" I scream
Charlotte walks voer
"Amber! Leave her alone! Why cant yo be nice for once?" Cahrlotte says, and hugs Jodie too
"P-P-PLEASE! Levae mwe alone!" Jodie sobs, hiccupinng through ehr sentence.
I stand there gawping, and then the bodyguards of the mansion come up behind me
"Sorry ma'am, im going to have to ask you to leave."
"WHAT! I DIDNT DO ANYTHING!" I scream, as im hauled outside the door
"I DIDNT DO ANYTHING!!" I cry, as the doors are slammed ifnront of my face.
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Kiha Holmes


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PostSubject: Re: The Secrets of Girls.   Mon Jan 12, 2009 8:40 pm

Charlotte; Chapter 3:

I better go to Amber.
I run to the doors.
"Hey, Charlotte." Jamie smiled, walking after me. I felt so happy that I left the room, holding his hand. We were walking close together, his arm around around my shoulders.
"Amber! If you got banned from the party, then so are we." I smiled.
"Right, Jamie?" I added. He nodded.
Soon Shannon and Jodie came out.
"Oh, go away." I finally said.
"What. I just don't like the bitch amber." She hissed.
"Excuse me?" I said, standing my ground.
"I'm leaving your slaggy group."
"No, you don't. We are kicking you out, right girls?" I smile. We all nod and she bursts up in flames to go over to Kelly.
I sigh and shake my head.
"Party at my place." I smile.
Shannon looks scared.
"Dad won't be there!" I giggle.
"I hate that man." I say. Amber and Shannon Nod.
Amber and I linked arms, Jamie and Shannon trailed after us.
We soon got to number 29, and I unlocked the door. Mum was out, so I ordered a pizza.
"Guys, what do you want?"
We soon decided on:

1. Sweet corn and barbeque chicken! Yum.
2. Chargrilled chicken
3. Pineapple and vegetables
4. Normal pizza

We also had extra large pepsi's and Cokes, and then ordered:

1. Chips
2. Coujans!

I gave them my card details, running up to my room while saying it.
"Ok. Thank you miss." A foreign staff said.
"No problem!" I smiled. I tried to sound slightly older.
Jamie followed me and gave me a hug.
"Char, I love you. Ever since Year. 5. I've kept it in, but now I can yell it to the world." He says, and we hug. He sniffs in my perfume and he messes with my hair and I smirk.
The bell goes.
"Pizza!" I smile. I put on my tallest Shoes. The heel is 8cm big. It migt make me look 18.
I go to the door, clearing my throat.
"For Miss. Curling?" He says, eyeing me up and down. He looked about 16
"Got a boyfriend?" He whispered.
"Yes. Go away." I smile.
The girls and I laughed. He went away and I tippd him.
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PostSubject: Re: The Secrets of Girls.   Tue Jan 13, 2009 9:57 pm


Oh My gosh im so totally glad they saw Jodie for who she truly is.
She's now haging out with Kelly.
Josh dumped Kelly.
He's going out with the etacher's daugher.
How sick is that? Like, its totally sick.
Anywho, we had an utterly fantasticx sleepovwr at Charlottes!

I hove a handful of salt and butter popciorn into my mouth. Im wearring my WHite and blue PJS
The shorts are supoer short, light blue and silk with black embroidery o nthe hem. It also has lace.
The top is a strapy, blue one, with lacy bows and embroidory o nthe hems.
My aurburn hair is tied ina ponytail, with loads of white and black, blue clips in my hair. My long thick sidefringeis popping out.

Charlotte looks like a barbie,. but ina good way. Her blonde hair is tied into a messy bun. She has pink, silk three-quater-length PJ bottoms, and the top is a strapy top like mine.

Shannon's red hair is down, with those headbands to keep it off her face. She's wearing long PJ purple bottoms, with pink clouds on.

Charlotte's living rpoom is utterly HUGE

And she has a 60 inch tV!!

We all watch a movie, all cuddled up. On the floor, by the couch, her mum has layed a huge matress all over the floor, and added pillows and another duvert for a bed. Me and Cjarlotte are cuddling under the duvet, hogging the popcorn bowel. Charlotte is wearing really grown up prettyslippers, whereas im wearing blue bunny ones. I sip my 'cocktail' (We made them i nthe kitchen a few minute earlier. Mine has coke, cherry ade, lemon ade and ice.)
Shannon has the huige couch all to herself with a pillow and a duvet, behind us, when she coughs
"Hang on, im going outside." She says, and me and charlotte nod, our eyes glued to the TV.

I cry, Jenny i nthe film just broke up with Mike, and charlotte is whooping with joy. (She neevr liked Mike.), When I see i nthe cornere of my eye..


I utterly panic
"OMG!!! CHARLOTTE!" I jump up and shout, point to the smoke outside
Charlotte chokes on her popcorn when she sees what im seeing
"Oh my gold!! SHANNONS OUT THERE!! QUI9CK SAVE HER" She screamed, running outside, pulling on a dressing gown.
I run outside too, without a jacket or anything, wearing my bunny slippers.
Charlotte freezes and i bump into her
"Whats wrong jnow?! Keep going" I poke her.
"Shannon..." Shwe gawps
I blink ,and look at shannon
Is she ottally out of her head?
Is she utterly desperate?
Shes smoking!

"Oh god." Shannon looks scared and stubs out her cigeratte.
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Kiha Holmes


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PostSubject: Re: The Secrets of Girls.   Tue Jan 13, 2009 10:08 pm


"SHANNON!" I scream.
Shannon turns red.
"Who got you to smoke?" Amber said, looking angry. Luckily, Jamie wasn't here!
"Noone.. I saw them on a table." Shannon said, shrugging.
I ran inside quickly while Amber was spilling facts about how stupid Smoking is. I got my dads old pack of stop-smoking gum.
When I came outside, Amber was doing a hell of a good job.
"Fact 12:" Amber said, sternly. "Smoke makes your teeth go YELLOW." She said, gesturing and flaling her arms.
"Fact 13; Smoking kills."
"Fact 14;" She said, out of breathe.
"Smoking gives bad breath, makes you smell bad and also makes your nails black and yellow."
"Smoking also gives you black tar on your lungs."
Shannon was almost in tears.
I shoved about 10 gums in her mouth, as she chewed appreciatively like a kid.
"These are nice. D'know what? I don't feel like a ciggie now. I'll try not to use them, ok?" Shannon says with a smile. She ran up stairs in her nightie and went to brush her teeth.
She also done her nails upstairs, so it was purple.
I smirk.
Shannon smirks.
Amber smirk.
We all hug.
"Wait" Shannon says, spraying herself with impulse.
We all shared a hug again, like old days.

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PostSubject: Re: The Secrets of Girls.   Wed Jan 14, 2009 9:54 pm


Its school again.
Shannon hasnt quit smoking jsut yet, but shes getting there. I so totally utterly hope she stops soon!
Im i nthe classroom weh the teacher goes out into the hallway to tal kto someone
I talk to John
"Hi" I say. Ohmigosh hes so totally hot
"Hey." He says back
Omg he said hi
We chat for ages and its dso utterly awesome when that stupid teacher comes back in to introduce us to a new student.
Shes got blonde hair, all straightened, long and a side fringe. Blue eyes, tanned skin and shes so incredibly thin. She totally reminds me of jazz
"Now, we nomrally have new students, but, Jasmine, or jazz as you like to call her, kids nowadays." The etacher chuckles "Is join ing us again"
The class is utterly shocked.
This hot girl (im not a lesbian)
Is jazz?
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Kiha Holmes


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Age : 22
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Registration date : 2007-05-28

PostSubject: Re: The Secrets of Girls.   Wed Jan 14, 2009 11:05 pm

Shannon: Chapter 3:
Oh crap.
I NEED a cigarette, NOW.
I'm going to burst.
If only I..
I reach for my pocket.
Crap Crap Crap

IF i's at home, then oh crap. I am NOT walking 8 miles to my house. My mum gives me a lift here.

Resisting tempation..

Charlotte: Chapter: 3

Jamie is so cute.
I smirk at him, after the sleepover.
"Char, I need to tell you something." He blushed.
So did I.
"Will you.. urr, Be my.. Girlfriend?" He said in a whisper.
"Yes!" I squealed.

It wasn't engaged.
Not snog snog boyfriendgirlfriend icky

Just hanging out, together.
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PostSubject: Re: The Secrets of Girls.   

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The Secrets of Girls.
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