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 Two worlds

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Kiha Holmes


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PostSubject: Two worlds   Sun Jan 11, 2009 9:20 pm


Me and Amerie are just ordinary girls.
It's our last day of school, and i'm supposed to stay around my friends for the holidays.
Everyone jumps in and gesuters for us to come.
"Come on, Georgie. Just jump in!"
and I just jump in, its more of a dive, actually. Everyone watches and cheers.
I feel weird. As if i've been sucked into a whole. Huh? Amerie Is coming with me!
We twist and turn and suffer, I feel like im about to die without breathing. I suddenly shoot out of the pool, with Amerie.
The sky is light grey, with no clouds. There are some broken, falling and rusting old pillars, decaying with moss, with greek worn out symbols on. I look around.
What was meant To be my swimming pool, was now a old pond with some sea-weed in. I am not wet at all.
I see a large, black furry thing charging at me. I jumped over it, Amerie did too.
He had a big stump of wood, and kept on trying to whack me with it.
"Wait! Stop! Please!" I say
"No!" Amerie says.
Suddenly a sight entered my view.
A girl, walking down thing steps, of about 300 steps, slowly and cautiously walking down it. She had a long pink dress that draped over about 50 steps.
On the front of the dress, it was patterned white and gold, zigzagged. She held out a pale white palm, as her long waist length auburn hair was waving in the wind.
"Stop." She commanded.
"These are my fighters." She said with a smile, winking at me.
Amerie and I instantly craned our necks to each-other, staring.
I looked into her blue eyes, she looking into my hazel eyes.

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Two worlds
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