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 Book One: A Fresh New Return.

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Samantha Calamear


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PostSubject: Re: Book One: A Fresh New Return.   Wed Mar 04, 2009 8:45 pm

Mack had no dreams or nightmares, as he lay there, as empty and dead as a dead thing. Vampires were empty inside. Yes.. Yes... They had organs. But they didn't work. That was why vampires couldn't have children. They didn't have any sperm! (Sorry to go into detailXD). Mack looked dead, to a human. But he still had the normal reflex of breathing. That's why it wasn't safe to take one to a hospital. (I only found this out xD). He slowly opened his eyes, and sighed, not feeling the waking up blues. His fangs seemed to be permanantly down, and his eyes, permanantly red.
He got up. It was the next morning. Lovely. Bright.., Birds singing. breeze ruffling his curly hair. He ignored it, not a care in his hearts for it, and he trudged through the unbearable heat, to the deserted play-park, where he sat on a swing that creaked and needed oil, and just watched the serene scene.
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Kiha Holmes


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PostSubject: Re: Book One: A Fresh New Return.   Wed Mar 04, 2009 8:59 pm

Jamie woke up.
Perfect for a early robbery.
Jamie got into ShapeGirl and jumped out the window, and turned into a bird as she flew to a bank.
In her tight jumpsuit -ish outfit, she crashed through the window. Jamie quickly transformed into Jenna, so if she DID get caught it was her fault.
Suddenly a alarm went off. Red lights blurred, The police jumped out of no where.
Jamie done a flip, kicking a armed police man hard in the chest. The police fell on the floor.
Another 2 tried shooting Jamie, but Jamie cleverly sidled, flipped and rolled, dodging 4 shots, but one skidded across her arm, leaving a red mark.
That could've killed me!
Jamie ran up to the two armed men, jumping while doing the splits i mid air, kicking them both.
Jamie took some money, and ran away, leaving the scene as Jenna. Reporters ran to the scene.

I have a strange like for Poison Ivy
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Book One: A Fresh New Return.
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