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 New songs

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Kiha Holmes


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PostSubject: New songs   Wed Mar 04, 2009 7:45 pm

Ok, We need more. =P

What happened?

What Happened?
I won't last till the world gets in it's sha-a-ape.
The things happened
But is it permanent
Why do the people put us in our place.
I won't rest untill we're in the mood.
Because the things round is like the song "Hey, Jude."
The better the world is, the better place
Why do the reporters put-it-in-our face
The best the world in, the happier we are
So common people round here, pick up that guitar
And thats where we are..
So guys, go that mile far.
(Go the mile far)

I can't see the issues we agree
Because we all know they are ba-a-a-d
Then there is those
That try to help, God knows
But always put the kids in our pa-a-ads.
I won't do untill we are through with
the problems
This is making.
"Have your heard?"
"Yeah, Kids can have their word"
But they always put us in our place.

We're sick of puttin up with all this stress
So give us a clap on te back hand press.
WE got our new colours and our own friends
Yet theres the dumb ones
who just pretend

The people round here can barely pay their friends
Their trying to make a fiver out of their new trend
But, we have a soul money just can't pay
IT will work out
even if we wait days!

[Kinda copied the tune of hairspray but made in my own words LOL]
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PostSubject: Re: New songs   Wed Mar 04, 2009 7:54 pm

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New songs
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