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 *PRIVATE* The envy of girls

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Kiha Holmes


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PostSubject: *PRIVATE* The envy of girls   Wed Jun 10, 2009 7:30 pm

Private RP, Sam and Sek join if you you wish =D

I only didnt want you joining in because I thought you wouldn't like this sorta thing
The Envy of girls

To Grace shin, Emily sexton, Jennifer Pilkington, Bethany Drury and Candice Dean

Some times in this book, it says Chapter two, then the characters describing the happening. Sometimes it doesn’t move onto a different chapter, but the person. Or Opposite.

You know when you get into break up and make ups with your friends, they won a chance to go on holiday, a fashion show, won a talent show and you glow green? They can’t stop talking chat chat chat on about shows, presents, birthdays, money and phones? We all get angry at some stage of our life, and of course, jealousy.

I hope you feel that of course :

True friends should support you all the way, but friends don’t want you to go because they will miss you.

True friends don’t say a word, but inside they probably flare up, and friends just change the subject.

But being honest, all close friends are true friends. They all get envious, take it as a compliment, because they want to be you and just like you!

In The girls with Secrets, It is a small 30 page book, these best friends go through a lot of changes and trouble, but stick with each other the whole way through, I hope you feel pity for some of these girls, because the girls have a lot of pressure and envy here, and enjoy! Some new characters join us, and get stuck in the sticky situation. But have fun reading! Hope you enjoy!

Shannon is based on my friend Shannon, I had a old phone and met her at the caravan, we exchanged numbers and were really good friends, on the day she moved away from the caravan holiday, we never stayed in touch until 2 months ago I got about 4 texts from her, I can’t remember her name, but she was really pretty, like Shannon from The girls series. Red curly hair, green eyes, pale skin and a nice personality.

Charlotte is based on two people, Myself and My American friend Charlotte. She is really fun and awesome to be with. She is totally pretty, and 14 years old. Charlotte Curling has Blonde hair, brown highlights, pale skin, and brown eyes, MY Charlotte from America has all those features, except my Charlotte is prettier and more model like

Personal thank you to Annaley Gleeson for writing (most) of the song (5 lines of first verse, and four lines of the chorus, I done the rest).


Chapter 1: Shannon

It’s 9:00am, the second to last day of the holidays, and I hear a familiar ring in my ears.

“I sigh to myself thinking I am well (well)

Don’t know what’s going to happen to me, not yet

So far life going well but until this day

I say”

I smile and wake up. Charlotte was up and dressed, already waking me up.

“Hurry up, lazy bones! The pool opens in fifteen minutes!” Charlotte calls. She looks incredible, Red strawberry bikini halter neck, and a red strawberry bikini bottoms, with a see throw scarf wrapped around her, a towel under one arm, and her straw sandals. I smirk. Her hair is quite curly, and she has a full fringe, looks older then the old Charlotte before, when Jazz was with us..

She has bright red lipstick on too, even though it will go in the pool.

“Meet you in the living room.”

My mum and I own a caravan, my dad was out on a business trip, so I invited Charlotte with us, and next year the same time he goes away he will be busy, He hates caravans anyway.

It’s the fifth biggest Caravan out of one thousand, it has 7 rooms, but they are quite big, and it’s modern. The outside there is some grass, then there is a small white fence, on the grass there are 4 deck chairs, a barbeque and a cover for when it’s blazing hot, at night or raining.

There is the bathroom with shower, toilet, sink and small bath, Mum and dads bedroom, My room, two double beds and a small table and wardrobe, a small kitchen, Living room with wooden shiny floor, plasma, and a glass shelf of items and magazines.

Charlotte walked through,

“Hello Mrs. Broad.” Charlotte cooed, waving and once again thanking her for staying at the caravan.

I got changed into my blue, pink striped tankini and blue bikini top. I wore black sandals and put a blue and white fake flower in my hair and brushed my wavy red hair. I walked outside, into the kitchen. “Hi mum.”

“Oh, you look lovely Shannon, you too, Charlotte. What do you girls want for breakfast? Don’t have a lot, though. You are going swimming, right? You must wait for it to digest, or you could get cramp and dr-“

“NO Thanks, Mum!” I quickly said to shut up my mum

“We will be 3 hours, we’ll meet you in a hour, Mum!” I said.

“Thank you Mrs. Broad.” Charlotte said as we went outside.

We took the bikes and rode, dodging a car that tried to pull out on us. We went passed the arcade and found the pool. I entered the code that opened the gate, only people with caravans could access the pool, and you needed a code. So I entered the code, and went in. I put our stuff on the table, hide my phone under the mess of clothes and bags, etc. Everyone stared at us as we took off our shoes and scarves, and dived in. Well, Charlotte dived in and was surrounded by boys, but honestly I can’t dive, I can only do flips, so I flipped in and landed on a foam mat in the pool, went over to Charlotte and helped her onto it, as the boys pushed us on it, and I giggled.

“There is a karaoke on today, want to go? And there is bingo.” I smiled.

“Sure.” Charlotte smirked.

“I wonder how Amber is coming on with that cousin Sophie of hers.” I said.

“I miss Amber, but I’ve had fun here.” Charlotte smiles.

“We go home in like 2 hours now, a hour has gone, wow! Oh, here is mum.” I said. Charlotte smiled.

Charlotte also winked at a tanned boy, with few freckles on his nose, green eyes and dark hair, he looked athlete. Charlotte whispered something to him, and he nodded.

“What did you say?” I marvelled.

“Meet at the park.” Charlotte smirked.

“Oooh.” I said, and smiled.

I smiled at Charlotte, lovingly. She was like a sister to me.

We eventually got out, and went to the toilets to get dressed. We packed before we went to the pool.

Charlotte came out, wearing a pink and white zebra print halter neck, with a short skirt that was white with pink Hawaiian flowers on; still with her sandals on. She dried her hair, paying a pound for 20 minutes with the hair dryer, she shared the hair dryer with me, but left her hair straight.

I had a short light blue dress with three silver thin belts around the waist, and my sandals on, with my fake flower in my hair.

We had a quick burger at the pool side, my mum had nachos and let Charlotte and I have 6 each.

We eventually walked to the park, the boy wasn’t there, but due in 10 minutes.

We played a bit on the bouncy bridge, which was fun. Andrew was there. I sighed.

I’m 13 now, but Andrew is 14. He does amazing stuff, jumps from the top of the swirly slide to the 20ft bridge, from that to the poles, etc. When I was 12 I called him Mr. Amazing, and I had a small crush on him. I still do, but he is cute. He is pale, with brown eyes and blonde hair.

“Hi Shannon.” He called with friendliness, and jumped from the pole next to me. I stepped back, with fright.

“Hey Andrew.” I said anxiously.

“Hi.” Charlotte said.

“Hey.” Andrew said.

I’m a tiny tiny tiny tiny bit sick of Charlotte, all the guys like her and not really me. I am NOT jealous!

“So, you moved. Where to?” I said, to change the conversation.

“Oh, just over opposite your school, Shannon.” He said casually.

I stared.

“You go to school opposite High Field’s?” I said.

“Yep. That is your school, right? High Field’s, I go to Green Hill.”

Soon Gem, Tyler and the guy Charlotte asked out came.

“Gem!” I said, going over to a boy with dark skin and dark hair.

“Is Laura here?” I smiled.

Laura is 15 now, she is really fun and nice; Gem was her cousin. Tyler used to like me for a bit, but he doesn’t now.

“Hi Tyler.”

“Hi Shannon.”

Charlotte instantly went talking to the boy.

“This is James.” Gem said to me.

I nodded quickly.

“So, Andrew. Carry on?” I said quickly to change subjects.

“Oh, I was saying, huh..?” Andrew said, concentrating on Charlotte.

Oh Jesus Christ

I sighed, walking up and onto the poles, through the disk bit of the park.

I sat on the edge of the pole, swinging my feet and feeling sorry for myself. I dared myself to kick without holding onto the pole, so I did, obviously my feet led me off of the pole.

I screamed, falling down and landing on my feet, my feet pushing my onto the floor.

“God, Shannon. You are a idiot!” Andrew called.

I frowned. Charlotte ran over to me, while the boys chatted in private, obviously about me. I looked up at Charlotte, my legs killing me. I stood up but fell down again.

“Shannon, stop looking for attention!” Andrew and James yelled.

“Ugh, sometimes I want to Slap her” Tyler and Andrew said.

I stood up with Charlottes help.

I walked a bit wobbly over to them.

“Do you know what, Andrew? I thought I liked you, you were different. But you are just another stupid boy that wants to make fun of me.” I said, fuming. I stared at Andrew then my eyes wavered to Charlotte. “I’m going to my caravan.”

“Wait, Shannon!” Charlotte said.
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Kiha Holmes


Number of posts : 1665
Age : 22
Localisation : :D
Registration date : 2007-05-28

PostSubject: Re: *PRIVATE* The envy of girls   Wed Jun 10, 2009 7:30 pm

“Meet at the disco tonight at 7pm, it’s 5pm now.” Charlotte said before chasing me.

“Look, Thanks Charlotte but I didn’t mean to fall, I hate Andrew he is such a man bitch. So is Tyler.”

I sighed, walking with Charlotte.

“Sorry, Char. But my legs are killing me.” I limped as I swept my red hair out of my eyes and behind my ears. I despised Charlotte yet loved her as a friend. We eventually reached my Caravan and by then I could walk.

“We have two hours to get ready.” I said.

“Wait, have dinner first!” Mum said.

“Ooh, thank you Mrs. Broad.” Charlotte said, as Mum produced a mini Tapas selection, there was ribs, Satay chicken, crunchy chicken in pastry, and fried seaweed which was surprisingly yummy.

Mum sat down and shared with us.

“Thanks mum.” I said, finishing the last Satay as it wildly went down.

“Want anymore? When we get to the disco we can order drinks.” Mum said.

“Ooh!” Charlotte said again.

“What time are we leaving tomorrow?” I said quickly.

“Oh, it was early in the morning, but I say you can leave on Sunday now, 8pm. It’s Saturday today.” Mum said.

I nodded gratefully.

“Thanks again Mrs. Broad.” Charlotte said.

I finished and went to get changed.

I put on pearly pink nail varnish, with a cream dress. The dress looked like it was a top and a skirt, a light cream top and beige skirt bit. My hips curved, which was good; but Charlotte would beat me. The dress went just below my knee, and it had 2 small sequin bows at the back, which has a effective look. I straightened my hair, which also gave a cute look, and put in a thin black head band which a miniature cream rose. I put on tan tights, put some black pumps and I had a black clutch bag. I put on 3 silver bangles on my wrist, but I went for the natural look; of course applying SOME mascara.

I opened the door at the same time Charlotte did. I gaped.


Charlotte: Chapter 2

I smiled, I was sure I had the perfect outfit on! I looked good, I was sure. I put a small plait in my hair, then pinned it back and curled my hair, so I looked pretty good. I had foundation on, mascara and dark eye shadow. I was wearing a black dress, which looked great on me, It was above knees by like 7cm, It the sleeve stuck to my arms and waist, showing off some figure. In my hair I put a think black hair band with a few black gems in. I had tanned tights on with black small high heels. I had red nail polish and red lips.

I walked outside and saw Shannon.

She looked Terrible!!!!

“You look great!” I lied, and smiled.

“So do you!” She said and smiled.

It was 6:45pm, It would take us 10 mins to get there. Mrs. Broad gave Shannon a fiver and said we could have drinks but then she would join us in 30 mins. Cool.

We soon arrived there, a gambling section, a pool section, small stage and a bar and restaurant. We got there in time for singing.

I sat down on the only spare table with some drinks, a diet coke and Pepsi Max.

Suddenly Tyler, Andrew and James walked in. I winked at them but Shannon didn’t look too happy. I gestured for her to come on stage. She shook her head while I sighed.

I stood on stage and grabbed the mic. There were available instruments, but I went karaoke version, so you have background music. I chose Just Dance By Lady Gaga, and sang to it while a mini crowd formed around the stage, there was a small catwalk, dark room with lights and about 50 people there, all watching me and smiling. I even felt like a pop star and even touched some hands that were out.

When the song finished and I got off stage to the table Shannon was at, a whole crowd followed and I sighed, extremely annoyed.

Shannon got up, also annoyed and started talking to the man controlling the Karaoke. He nodded, the place going dark as a purple light shone on Shannon, I saw Shannon also giving him £7 from her purse, which would make the lights glow and smoke appear. Shannon borrowed a guitar, from the selection of instruments, and sat on the stool and lowered her mic.

“Hi.” She said, as I stood up and walked to the crowd, everyone else did too.

She began strumming slowly in melody.

As soon as Andrew came over and stood next to me, she sung.

Life is a journey which we all got to take
I'm just here to show you what's at steak
I don't want you expecting some fairytale
or a stupid love letter not in your mail
Wishes on a star don't always come true”

She held her breath for a minute to pause, then let out hair. She sung in a little lower voice;

That’s why I’m here to remind you

She waved her hand in the air, as so did everyone else. Now even some older girls of about 16 and 18 have joined, with their boyfriends.

She became more confident, and I smiled up at her.


I smiled. I still disliked Shannon... A bit. So I ignored her.

People were forming, screaming and small piece of paper (`banners`) Saying “good luck”, wavering glow sticks and arms.

I continued to strum slowly, as I paused then and again, changing melody.

Every hill is gonna be a little steep
After every fall you got to get up on your feet
Every heart is bound to break
Something’s are real but some are fake

But if you stick to yourself, I’m sure you’ll find

The right hill that you can climb”

I smiled triumphantly at Charlotte, but she was supporting me… And so was Andrew!

“Life is not a fairytale, that’s in the air

So don’t waste your time on it, I don’t care

Who said you can’t imagine that, though

It isn’t just as sweet as it seems

You always have me to care for

Don’t stop yourself from living, anymore”

Every hill is gonna be a little steep
After every fall you got to get up on your feet
Every heart is bound to break
Something’s are real but some are fake

But if you stick to yourself, I’m sure you’ll find

The right hill that you can climb”

I smiled, doing a quick dance as smoke and a massive sparkler thing came out as I bowed, my hair going messy. There was one hundred people max!

I got off stage, and they all followed me!

I went to Charlotte first.

“Let’s sit down.” I said, feeling much better.

Charlotte nodded quickly as we ran to our table, people stole our seats!

“Oh, sorry! I didn’t mean to steal your seat” A familiar guy said.

“I see you haven’t hurt your leg.” He said.

I smirked.


The crowd formed around us, staring.

The begged for autographs, I giggled while signing them.

“God, we aren’t famous!” Char and I said happily, signing.

“Well, not yet.” A fat man in a business suit said.

“Hello. I’m Charlie, founder and proud owner of GoldRecords recording studio. Can I stay in touch, what is your number?” He said and whipped out forms, sheet and his business card for proof.

I jotted down my number, saying it out loud when a male fan, quite cute in the crowd also jotted it down. I looked suspicious.

I stood up with Char to get more drinks but the crowd cheered us on. It was pretty funny.

“DUET! AGAIN!” They suddenly cheered

“They love you.” Andrew said and winked at me.

“Us.” I said, grabbing Charlotte and a electric guitar.

I nodded to Charlotte, I began the theme tune of this song we made up when we were 11,

Don’t you fe-eel, like you are hard done by,

Don’t you feel, like you are being used

And it’s hard to admit you loose.”

I quickly plugged in the amplifier, while Charlotte sung;


Then she bent over and flicked up her hair into a messy load.

“Doesn’t feel Real!” She almost scream/sung

I began strumming as I joined in, I paused the guitar.

“Like it used to!” I sung

“Anymore-ore-ore!” Charlotte sung loudly.

“It doesn’t, doesn’t, doesn’t, doesn’t, Woa-o-o-oh!” I sung while strumming loudly in melody of this rock R&B.

I slowed down a little, Andrew and James looking impressed. I smiled and winked at them, bending over and flicking up my hair, turning it messy while I walked down the catwalk, shaking my hair while playing the electric guitar. Charlotte walked with me and quickly whispered while I done my quick solo;

“Where did you learn to play electric” she said

I quickly replied while strumming

“The only tune I know from it, but I do know the guitar”

Charlotte quickly grabbed her microphone off the stand, I strummed hardly, my fingers almost bleeding as I bent over to touch the crowds hand.

“Like it used to, with the” Charlotte said as I quickly sung into her microphone with her

“Two-o-ooh of us us us, Yea-Yea-Yeah!” As I concentrated on strumming.

“Woah, Yeaah!” Charlotte said, smiling.

“But you lost, Yeah Silence, Silence! Is all that you left, the only thing of you-oh-ooh” Charlotte sung, absent mindedly.

“You ooh ohh; Lost..” I sung then finished the strum of my guitar. My mum walked in while I grabbed Charlottes microphone.

“My mum everybody!” I said, pointing while people cheered as she looked confused but shrugged and sat next to Andrew.

“Thank you, everyone!” Charlotte said, sitting down next to my mum.

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*PRIVATE* The envy of girls
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