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 The dream

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Samantha Calamear


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PostSubject: The dream   Sun Jun 14, 2009 12:41 pm

Creepy dream I had last night. what do you think about it guys?
P.S, the boy was pretty hott. <3

The dream
There was the old woman out of Burn after Reading, and this tall boy with caramel-brown short hair, sort of like Order of the Phoenix Rupert Grint. They both wore blue jeans and a red polo-shirt. Definitely Burn after Reading-style.
This lady and this boy had hung up Taylor's corpse by his tie, and his eyes had been pulled out so there were only two sockets, and the body slowly rotated as the flies were attracted to it.
I don’t really remember what the dialogue was, but this paramedic person came to check the body, and the old woman pulled out a tranquilizer gun and shot the man and he slumped, rendered unconscious by the dart.
The woman had baked some pies, and the boy looked hungry. Now, at the moment that the boy received a slice of the sloppy pastry on the plate, you are looking through his eyes.
“What’s in this?”
The boy looks disgusted, and feels close to vomiting.
“I’m not eating this!”
“We had to find a way to hide the corpses! I’m in it too!”
The boy sighs and picks up a fork, spearing the flesh, and shovelling it into his mouth; he chews, and tastes the slight taste of blood. He spits it back out.
“I tasted blood!”
“Ah. The mushrooms always soak up the blood.”
“Eurgh… Gross!”
The man suddenly wakes up and looks confused; the old woman simply shoots a dart into him again, and once again, he falls unconscious.
The plate somehow disappeared from the boy’s hand, and they leave the Taylor Lautner corpse swinging and attracting even more flies. The boy and woman go to their car; I can’t really describe it because throughout this section in the car, you are watching from the back-seat, the windscreen is your only view, and the backs of their heads.
“I think that old man is watching us.”
The boy says; the woman just shrugs. There’s an old man at the top of the road, watching them, with his walking stick tapping on the pavement. He occasionally glances at them, but when he thinks they’re looking, he looks away at the cars passing by.
The duo drive up the car and they hear the extremely-wrinkled man beg for a person to stop and allow him to get into their car, because he needs to get somehow. The view focuses on the woman, and she looks like there’s a bad smell under her nose. She simply drives off down this country road. It’s woody, and twists and turns. A limo’s in front and it keeps stopping. Somehow, you know this is the FBI spying on you.
The limo suddenly disappears, and they get out of the car. There is a bunch of workers in dungarees; some are also in white shirts with their black waistcoats undone, looking like prom-dates, but all muddied up. One goes over to the boy, who’s suddenly wearing the same attire.
“You! You stop slacking off and come and work with us!”
The dungaree-wearers throw some dungarees at the woman and order her to put them on.
You’re out of the car and focusing on the yard where the boy has to work. He looks bored. The woman works in a separate half. Suddenly, she bolts for it and grabs the boy, dragging him back to the car where they drive off.
Scene cuts to an odd cliff-area like Beachy Head, with calm dark waters below. It’s quite dark, and you can see a fair in the background. They’re planning their fake-suicide. The woman floors the car, and it drives really fast to the cliff. Just as they reach this wooded area before the cliff, she orders him to jump.
The boy and woman jump out successfully, but oddly enough no one cares that a car fell off the edge. They hide in the bushes for some time, and then step out. The boy stumbles on some rock, and waves his arms about as he gets closer to the edge. The woman just watches, not helping him at all. He doesn’t scream, as he falls off the edge, and the woman rushes forwards to watch him fall. He falls down, and lands on a massive circular stone. It flips over, and his body disappears. You hear a disembodied voice,
“He’ll be naked, won’t he? He’ll have turned to stone.”
A grey statue floats to the surface, and it looks cracked and part of the skull is missing. The statue has wide eyes, and looks horrified. It is the boy.
A fishing boat comes and this man in the fisherman attire of a yellow raincoat and wellyboots and the hat lug him aboard. They sail away, and the woman is left behind.
On board the tiny row-boat, there is this ghostly spectre, a pig, and beside it, is the ghost of the boy. Stark naked. The two men don’t seem to see these spectres, or care much about them.
The pig gets up on its hind-trotters and starts dancing about. This box at the bottom of your view comes up, like subtitles in a game. The cinematic bit where you have to click forwards in order to forward in the game. You don’t read what it says, but click forwards, with that annoying CLICK sound. It asks you a series of questions, and you answer one. The person controlling this did just that, and they suddenly disappeared off of this boat, and into this cave area.
There is now an orange orangutan, for some reason, you wish you were a cat instead. The pig asks some more things, multiple choice things, and you follow it through cave areas. Then it leads you into this penthouse-looking place. You go up to the fridge and open it, more multiple choice, and you get out a can of Coke, drinking from it.
The pig leaves, only for a letter to turn up. It says that the pig has a headache and you have to tell him what you think it is. For a laugh, you write back that it’s really bad, and that you will accompany him. You walk over to the penthouse that looks identical to yours and walk in. There’s a man that looks like a father-figure, on the white leather sofa, watching TV on a flat-screen mounted TV. There’s this girl with a black bob, who gets some coke from the fridge and drinks it. You go over to the TV and start watching it with the father; but the timid father gets up and goes to the other side of the room. It seems that they are the owners of the pig.
I wake up just as she gets two dinner-trays from the fridge, and pour out the contents into two plastic white bowls on the floor for the pig and me.
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The dream
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