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 Hidden power no. 2

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Kiha Holmes


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PostSubject: Hidden power no. 2   Tue Jun 16, 2009 11:20 pm

Selena held out out her palm to the door, wondering if it would 'open' she stood foolishly.
"OH COME ON!" Selena said, not noticed ShiShi's scream as thorns ripped out of her palm, through the door.
"Uhh- Selena.." Trent said, green eyes looking up as Selena as he combed his black hair with his fingers.
More thorns spread out
"I mean, FLIGHT! Wooowww, I can carry people and fly, BIG WHOOP! I'd much rather have blee- nevermind, portal powers OR leviate stuff or to make fire, or to water or to gh-"
"SELENA!" Bones yelled.
"I mean fly, fly, fly WHEE-"
"SELENA." Nathan said.
"Sheesh! What?" Selena said. she turned around and saw needles through a door.
"What the fuck?" Selena said,
She somehow made the thorns come out the door and go make in.
"IM BLEEDING!" Shishi yelled,opening the door. She fell onto the tiles; blood pouring everywhere.
"Don't see that everyday." Tren joked.
Selena laughed silently.
Selena looked evilly at Shi Shi, when suddenly moss growed over her, covering every inch of her body, she passed out by now, so when she woke up she'd be covering in slime.
"Try speaking to insects" Trent joked.
But Selena did.
"Hey, Cockroach." Selena said.
The cockroach scattered over her hand as Selena shivered slightly,picking it up to ear length.
"Yo mothafukas. can i go cova up da hott gurl nao?" The cockroach sqeaked as it obiediently jumped off and a few dozen cock roaches covered ShiShi.
"Wow, speakin to insects." Selena said.

(Can Selena speak to insects and birds as well?)
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PostSubject: Re: Hidden power no. 2   Thu Jun 18, 2009 8:50 pm

[btw shi shi is the aldult sister, mimi is the little girl. fine. LOL AT THE COCKROAH only speak to insectand not birds tho Razz]

Bones shook her head. To much weirdness
Bones and the others went to go out of the kitchen, but suddenly the doors shut closed.
All the windows closed at the same time, automaticaly
"OH COME ON WHAT NOW!" Bones screamed, getting sick of the fighting, rattling the doorknob.
"Bones.,." Sleena said.
"OPEN DAMMIT! WHY WONT YOU OPEN!" Bones shrieked, banging o nthe door
"BONES." Selena shotued in her ear. "Powers."
Bones blinked, then realised "Oh. Yeah. Remebered. I mean, pfft, sure."
Bones held her hand against eh door, and a pulse came out of ehr hands.
She hit the air
Nothing,. Nothing had happened, because the door had siapeared. The whole room had disapeared. They were standing in an empty black space.
Out of the shadows came the woman. Kitty Jones. She kciked the moss covered body, that spiders soon took over and the body was soon gone. "Why, hello there." Kitty said,m her white skin standing out fro mthe darkness. "Oh, well done. you've killed off 4 out of 7. Good show i must say."
"..Who are you?" Trent blinked
Nathan took a step back
"WHy, im The one and only kitty jones of course." Kitty said, and clicked her slim finfers. Out of the darkness, again two figures emerged,. Two smoke wolves with glowing red eyes, one on each sife of kitty. She stroke one "The one whom is going to end you pearls, once and for all."
Kitty let out a luahg
Bone blinked tears away. She never cried, Those wernt tears. Just hayfewver. "But..your my mum?" Bones whispered
Kitty held out her hand, and held it under bones' chin
/"Im not your real mother." Kitty said, in a suprprisingly soft tone. Which made her even mroe dangerous. "Yo uwere adopted. You know that. But to me, you've always felt like ym fdaughter. You're hanging out with the evil side, my girl. You should be here with your old mother."
Bones almost believed her, and went to take her hand
Nathan held bone's wrist so that she couldnt
"DOnt trust her., Shes evil."
Kitty rolled her eyes. "WELL DUH! Great einstein skills. You. You are...nathan."
"How d oyou know?" Nathan said
"Dareling, i know EVERYONE"
Selena went to dummon vines, but nothing happened. Bone tried to levitate somehting, butt here was nothing there
"You seem to be underestimating what im capable of" Kitty said.
Bones growled and ran at her, triying to hit herKitty just held bone's wrists. "Im satronger than you." She said, pushing bones away so strong bones flipped over.
"Im more powerful than you." Kitty said, disapeari ng into the shadows, then suddenyl appearing behind them.
"Rebound." She whgispered, when sudenly a force pushed everyone back.
"See, im going to give the others a chance to nip the prize of killing you lot. But i know they wont suceed. So, jsut to let you know, i will; kil lyou. Ta ta!" She held her hand up and made a smug wave.
Sudenly they were back into the ktichen
Bones shook her head.
Selena's phone bepped.
She checked her mail
"Party, at my house. Boys, drinks, music,. Be there. Bring friends. Love, Amy." Selena read out.
"Party tomorrow" She also said
Bones sighed "I guess we better be there, huh?"
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Samantha Calamear


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PostSubject: Re: Hidden power no. 2   Thu Jun 18, 2009 10:10 pm

Nathan just watched Kitty with weary eyes. He knew her tricks. He knew her. She was an evil manipulating woman. She had tricked each Calamear into loving her... Seeing she was beautiful. But only Nathan and Fred knew she was a complete and utter bitch.
Bones... Suggesting they went to a party? Even when someone she had known and been close to had died?
"I'm not going. I'm going to figure this out once and for all.."
He spoke in calm tones, a smooth voice, and he turned, and quietly left.
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Kiha Holmes


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Age : 22
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PostSubject: Re: Hidden power no. 2   Fri Jun 19, 2009 9:59 am

Selena grabbed Nathans palm.
"Take a chill pill! Chillax at this party." Selena said, smiling akwardly for the first time.
"I'm going to my house, seeya there Trent." Selena smiled, waving.
Selena instantly attempted to go off ground, but nothing happened.
She strained; a old granny seeing her.
"Save it for the toilet, blondy"
"..I'm brunette." Selena said, face loosenening up. Soon a drift of air forced her off the ground and she smiled once more, floating in the air, on her back.
Then she gently hit a flat window, and climbed into it.
It was her flat!
She got dressed, making her white skin even whiter, dark mascara and red lipstick.
She wore a tight black dress, which was quite revealling and added short gothic boots.
She let her hair down for the first time, sleek and smooth, and set off to the party.

- short, gtg school
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PostSubject: Re: Hidden power no. 2   

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Hidden power no. 2
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