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Kiha Holmes


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PostSubject: SeaSonS   Wed Oct 07, 2009 7:49 pm


April’s PoV:

I walked into school today, First day or year nine! I hope George is in most of my classes! Josh is the uber cute guy in my class, but he is in a different form to me, and his form is FULL of girls! I am in the same form as these awesome girls, They have been my BEST friends for years.

There is October, this really awesome girl. You’ll think we are nuts, and I don’t BLAME you. But we are in this sort of super hero thing! Basically, October has this Autumn power, which is really cool! You’ll find about that later! Autumn is a awesome friend, PLUS a tomboy!

September, A loner. But very pretty. She is unapproachable, because she will just freeze you out. September is admired, but there’s something cold about her..

July. She’s strange! She makes you feel tired, hot and bothered. Slightly annoying, but we all love her! In the club of freaks she has immense heat.

And me! Well, you’ll find out me later!

I walked in to be greeted by all my girls!! IT was awesome!
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Kiha Holmes


Number of posts : 1665
Age : 22
Localisation : :D
Registration date : 2007-05-28

PostSubject: Re: SeaSonS   Sun Oct 11, 2009 6:26 pm

“Hi April.” Derek smiled.

I blushed, nodding at him, But Josh walked by and I smirked.

Derek blushed and walked off.

I hugged Raynie, September and July.

My wrist watch sung out a normal song. When that happens, it means that something has happened.

“Where’s George?” September said, sighing.

“Um, I gotta go Mary. Can you tell the teacher I was doing a job?” I said, running off with the girls.

I poked my watch gingerly, hiding in the bushes. My long brown hair turned into a sleek short black bob.

My tie turned into a long green bracelet vine up my arm, my blouse and skirt merged into a short ivory dress, above my legs, and my socks turned into white tights, my black shoes turned into brown tassle boots, and my pale face turned tanned, with white eye shadow.

July’s blonde bob turned into a red bob, as her tie turned into a red anklet, and there were orange bangles up her arm. Her blue eyes turned green, as her blouse turned into a cream colour, and her short blue skirt turned into a orange skirt, and her shoes and socks turned into bare feet.

Raynie’s hazel eyes turned brown, and her brown hair stayed the same, but she tied it into a pony tail anyway. Her white blouse turned into a brown vest top, and she had black high shorts, and odd sandals on.

Septembers blue eyes turned white, and so did her hair process to turn white. Her blouse turned into a winter jumper, and she had a blue skirt underneath, and knee boots.

We all ran, as I felt stupid in my outfit, and September kicked off her boots and flew up in the air. I felt bad because I couldn’t fly. I ran the way, while July was running behind, and Raynie and September flew.

“It’s the bank, AGAIN.” I sighed.

Raynie’s POV:

I flew with September, then stopped mid air, flew to the building, asking September to join me.

“Remember, people ordinary in this world don’t believe we fly, lets run on the buildings instead.” I said.

We both landed on the ceiling of the building and ran and jumped along buildings, then jumped on the top of the bank, to wait for the villain to appear. I felt a hard shove on my back, and it took a while for me to trigger I was falling, and flew back up.

“I’m not that easy to kill.” I smirked at the guy.

“Didn’t think so. I tried the basics.” He smirked.

I was insulted.

“Basics?” I said, shocked.

I put my palm out at him, as thorns spread out and stuck his cape to the ground.

He ripped his cape, but was fine.

“Basics.” I smirked back at him.

He smiled at me, and I smiled back.

“Your OK.” He said.

“I’m Jo- I’m uhh. Josh..” He said, shrugging.

“You look like you aren’t sure.” September shrugged.

Suddenly, a large Monarch butterfly flew by. “Yes! I’ll be rich!” He smiled, trying to catch it. It poofed as he caught it. He sighed, and stared at us.

A large leaf came up, with April and July jumped up for the leaf. They posed, just as another guy came down.

“Derek, go get them!” Josh said, as Derek ran at us.

“You guys suck! What are you?” July said, as Derek grew tired.

“Well, I was a previous king of Ice in another Dimension. Derek was actually a normal guy.” Josh said, freezing July in a block of ice.

September walked up to him.

“I like guys that are cold.” She smirked, looking at him. She held his hand tightly, then got him to freeze.

“Idiot.” I mumbled, luring a ton of leaves on September.

Derek went to attack me. As I ducked.

I made the whole place misty, as Josh escaped the ice. I was the only one who could see where I was going. I grabbed the money he stole then gave it back to the bank to hide. We pushed Josh and Derek off the roof as I flew off, holding July and April as September froze a gate in the bank, as She skidded off in a Ice path. Derek went back to the direction of our school, as Josh followed September. I was watching as Josh smiled at me, then September grabbed him and kissed him, and pushed him off the ice.

I stared on, not knowing where I was going, until we reached the school, and I turned back into my uniform.

I thought about September..
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Kiha Holmes


Number of posts : 1665
Age : 22
Localisation : :D
Registration date : 2007-05-28

PostSubject: Re: SeaSonS   Sun Oct 11, 2009 6:27 pm

Raynie (A.K.A October) PoV:

We both dropped about 10ft from the ground and landed on the floor, just then we saw Derek and Josh run to school, Josh had a lipstick smear around his face, which made me worse today. I really liked Josh. A lot.

I even liked the OTHER Josh too. He was cute, and It pained me to watch September kiss him!
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PostSubject: Re: SeaSonS   

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