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Kiha Holmes


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PostSubject: JAckpot!   Mon Dec 21, 2009 7:21 pm

You keep trying my out of my money
Boy youíve stripped me all of my cash
Then you walk away and treat me like trash
(Ka ka ka kaching)
Sounds of money being ripped out my purse
Seriously what is worst
Playing me like a gambling machine
Hitting the jackpot every time you play
I had lots and you blew it all away

Jackpot Jackpot Jack Jack Jack Jackpot
Jackpot (You hit it)
Strapped for cash leading to stray
You sure seemed happy when I had more to give.
Broke stripped lost none
Empty pockets make you sad
(Wheres that money sound I had)

Play play play play
For the Jackpot
Play play play play
For the Jackpot

Youíve hit it many times before
Wheres my money you had before
Think itís funny no well I donít
Try to get me cash no well I wonít

Where is my money?
You took it all honey
Jack Jack Jack pot
Kaching Kaching
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